Introductory Profile of Susira Group


Susira Group of Industries with its roots beginning since 1976, from Chennai, India., has expanded over the past decades into a strong multi-process oriented high-quality parts manufacturer to top OEMs in India and to several other countries.

Susira which was started as a ‘single company – single part supplier’, expanded its product base and set up several plants in Chennai and also at an International location in Europe, to cater to its steadily growing customer base across the globe.

Susira Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd. was started in 1993, to diversify into high precision engineering components for the medium and heavy duty diesel engines. Various products of high accuracy and quality was developed for the next decades. It still continues to operate in this sector by adopting unique business models to serve its customers better.


Susira Nanotech was established in the year 2009. A vibrant team consisting of qualified researchers with backgrounds in chemistry, electronics and mechanical engineering, form the resilient work force at Susira nanotech. The company has collaborations/ tie-ups with top Indian universities as well as research institutes and industries in Europe, for conducting joint research and testing of various types of nano materials for applications in manufacturing (general engineering and automotive), electronics, consumer durables, industrial fluids, clean tech, renewable energy, etc.


Susira Technologies Pvt.Ltd. was started in 2013 to specialize in sheet metal and engineering components for exports to Germany and other European customers. It has an array of high quality presses of various sizes to cater to the highest requirements of accuracy and build quality.


With strategic presence in India and in Europe, Susira aims to evolve into a truly International group, serving its customers at a Global level, locally!