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Susira Nanotech

Susira Nanotech is a Division of SUSIRA GROUP Susira Nanotech Pvt Ltd. is a part of Susira Group Company established in the year 2009. A vibrant team consisting of qualified researchers with backgrounds in chemistry, electronics and mechanical engineering, form the resilient work force at Susira nanotech. The company has collaborations/ tie-ups with top Indian universities as well as research institutes and industries in Europe, for conducting joint research and testing of various types of nano materials for applications in manufacturing (general engineering and automotive), electronics, consumer durables, industrial fluids, clean tech, renewable energy, etc.

Susira Nanotech product lines offer an extensive array of proprietary nano-inks for a variety of applications such as consumer electronics, optoelectronics, piezotronics, solar cells, circuits, spintronics, sensors, RFID, Displays etc. Other major products include Carbon Nano Tubes (SW and MW) and Nano Clay.

Industrial Lubricants:

Corrosion Prevention

SARTZOL G-RUST is an eco friendly solvent based corrosion inhibitive oil. An ideal rust preventive solution for various types of operating conditions.

G-Rust, an effective water displacer, deposits a thin oily film that exhibits excellent protection as well as penetrating properties where as conventional oils when applied have a greasy texture, and when disturbed exposes the metal parts to environment resulting in faster corrosion.

G –rust offers excellent protection to Auto components, machine tools, Hydraulic systems and many more applications.


  • Repellent to water and impervious to gases and water vapours
  • Does not drain or evaporate
  • Easy to clean using common degreasers
  • Good salt spray performance
  • Good corrosion protection upto 12 months indoor and 3 months outdoors with cover

Technical data:

  • Appearance: Brownish Dense Liquid
  • Salt spray Test : 60 Hrs at 35°C
  • Solubility: 0.10%
  • TpH: 5.20 at 25°C
  • Viscosity 12.54Cst at 40 deg C
  • Flash point: 118°C
  • Specific Gravity: 0.8745 at 25°C
  • Toxicity: None
  • Non- Volatile Matter: 93.03%

*MSDS Available at request